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About Me

Nicole Reilly, MD, MA, AMFT


My journey to become a therapist began during my work as an anesthesiologist/integrative pain management physician where many of my chronic pain patients suffered from depression and anxiety. Feeling like I wanted to be able offer more to my patients beyond empathy and compassion, I set out to get my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. 

Today I am exclusively providing mental health therapy services in Newport Beach, Ca. While I am trained as a medical doctor, I am not currently seeing clients in this capacity. This means that medical services will not provided (e.g. physical ailment diagnosis or treatment or prescribing of medications). Should you need medical services, I can refer you to another provider for those specific needs. 

Life can get challenging, and sometimes a little help from a Marriage and Family Therapist can help facilitate positive change. My life experiences have given me perspective for a variety of ways relating to the world and navigating life's challenges. I am passionate about helping others find their own unique way to healing. I care about your well-being and can provide a safe space for exploration with tools to relate to life with more peace and ease. 

Some of my areas of specialty include pre-natal, peri-partum/maternal health, infertility, anxiety, depression, parenting, pain psychology, chronic illness, and first responders. 

Level One Emotion-Focused Therapy Trained

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Training through UMass Medical Center for Mindfulness with Jon Kabat-Zinn, Saki Santorelli and other senior faculty. 

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